Track subscriptions from your account

To see who has subscribed or cancelled a subscription lately...

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Filter the Activity Feed by "Subscriptions" or by "Subscription changes." 

Cancel a user's subscription for them 

Subscribers can cancel their own subscriptions under their billing settings. If you prefer to cancel a member's subscription to one of your monthly or annual plans on their behalf...

  1. Open Community from your Dashboard or main account menu. 
  2. Find the member that you want to unsubscribe and select the drop down menu to the right of their name under the additional actions (...) icon. 
  3. Select "Cancel subscription," choose a cancellation option, and confirm. You'll see two options for cancellation.
    - Cancel at the end of the subscription cycle. They will have continued access through the end of their current monthly or annual cycle.
    - Cancel effective immediately. They will lose access immediately. If a refund is due, look up the user in Stripe and issue a refund. 

Download subscription discount code reports

To find out who has subscribed using a discount code, go to the main menu in your Pathwright account, select Settings -> Download Reports, and download the detailed discount code usage report. If you've distributed discount codes towards your subscription plan, you'll be able to see who has redeemed those discount codes. 

Track subscriptions from Stripe

You can also view all subscriptions and download reports on subscriptions from your Stripe account. 

  1. Log into your linked Stripe account and select "Billing" then "Subscriptions" from the menu. 
  2. Use "Filter" to choose active, cancelled, unpaid, or all subscriptions.
  3. Use "Export" to download your results in CSV format. 

Cancel a user's subscription for them in Stripe

This only works for paid subscriptions. If you need to cancel a free subscription (initiated with a discount code), use the instructions above for cancelling from your Pathwright account. 

  1. Log into your linked Stripe account and search for the user's profile by email address, name, or even the last four digits of their card. Select the user. 
  2. Under "Active Subscriptions" select the more actions icon (...) and select "Cancel." You can choose to cancel immediately or set to cancel at the end of the current billing cycle. 

Need to issue a refund? See refund a payment. 

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