Refund a payment

Payments accepted through your Pathwright school can be refunded from your linked Stripe account.

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We do not collect any money when a learner pays you for a course or subscribes. Payments processed through Pathwright go directly into your linked Stripe account. You can easily refund payments from your Stripe account. 

To refund a payment in Stripe, you can follow the instructions they have provided here:

To summarize, you can refund a payment by following these steps: 

  1. Open your Stripe account. 

  2. Open the charge that needs to be refunded. You can search by the purchaser's name, email address, or the last four digits of the card that was charged. 

  3. Once you find the charge, click the "..." icon to the right side of the charge. Select Full refund or Partial refund. If it's a partial refund, enter the amount to refund. 

  4. Enter a reason for the refund and then submit. 

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