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Can I white label my Pathwright account?
Can I white label my Pathwright account?

"White labeling" your account hides the branding of the platform (such as Pathwright) so your own branding is prominent.

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We automatically use your account name, your logo and icon, and your email addresses throughout the interface and in any automated notifications wherever possible. Our philosophy is to put our customers in their own spotlight while quietly powering their efforts.

Steps you can take to further white label your account

Here are a few easy steps you can take:

  1. On the Essentials Plan and above, you can set up a purchased custom domain to replace the "" domain that comes for free with your account.

  2. The "Powered by Pathwright" hyperlink in your school footer can be hidden with custom CSS. Contact us if you need help adding CSS to hide this element.

  3. You have the option to add your own Privacy Policy in addition to Pathwright's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that all new Pathwright users must sign-off on when they first create their Pathwright login. Here's more on how to create your own Privacy Policy.

  4. The reply-to address on your account's automated emails defaults to the address you've set as your school support contact, and you can update that email address following the instructions here.

Areas that cannot currently be 100% white labeled

While we'd be happy to allow our clients to white label their accounts 100%, there are still a few areas where we are not yet able to accommodate this due to compliance requirements or other reasons.

If you've taken all the steps above, learners may still notice the Pathwright name in the following places:

  • In the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents linked to the registration form for new users as mentioned above. These cannot be removed due to GDPR compliance requirements.

  • On the sending address of automated emails. These addresses are and * Customizing the sending addresses may be possible for clients who manage their own custom domains in the future, but we cannot currently support it.

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