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How to manage Mentor Groups (for Group Admins)
How to manage Mentor Groups (for Group Admins)

A guide to Mentor Group management for Group Admins

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For Mentor Group Admins

Mentor Groups provide a place for mentors to track their own group of learners across all the Paths they're taking and review their work.

As a Mentor Group Admin, you can add or invite Members and Mentors to any Mentor Group that you've been asked to manage. You can also use the Add to Path feature to add Paths that are public (or that you have access to edit) to any group Member's personal Path. For example, if someone has finished their onboarding Path or needs to help in a particular area, you can select the next best Path for them and add it for them. You'll also have the ability to edit your Mentor Group settings and change the ability of staff members to review. You won't be automatically notified to review assignments, but you can review assignments and leave feedback if you wish, and you can also subscribe to the weekly digest email.

Below are the two roles that you can manage as a Mentor Group Admin:

  • Mentors are responsible for guiding each member of the Mentor Group and giving them feedback on reviewable work. Mentors also receive in-app and email notifications whenever a member submits a step that's marked for review, even if they aren't a teacher or moderator for the cohort. They can also opt into a weekly digest email.

  • Members are anyone who you'd like to coach, tutor, or personally guide across all the learning paths they take.

How to access your Mentor Groups

Once you've been assigned to a Mentor Group in the Group Admin role, your Home page provides access to any active Mentor Groups you are managing. Go to Home > People > Groups.

Select the Group title to open the Group and see more options.

Alternately, select "Manage" to open a list of all your Mentor Groups.

Add members and mentors to your Mentor Group

Open the Mentor Group from your Home page and select Add. Our Share Feature offers a variety of ways to add people to Mentor Groups, including by link, QR code, or adding existing members instantly.

Link: You can either copy a shareable link to your clipboard, download a QR code that directs people to the shareable link, or use the mobile share options to access the shareable link. Choose roles before sharing the link, as this determines the permissions provided by the share link.

Add: You can also add people to your mentor group instantly under the "Add" tab. You can use this option to bulk-add or invite new members by entering a comma-separated list of email addresses.

When looking up existing members, you can search for individual members or by cohorts, and select any or all members in that cohort.

​Make sure you have the correct role selected and then click Add. Existing users will be added instantly. If someone doesn't have a membership in your account yet, they will be sent an invite and will be prompted to create their personal account.

You can add people in any role or change their role later.

Track: Track will help you keep track of invitations that have been sent and revoke or resend them as needed.

Edit and organize your Mentor Groups

Select the settings icon at the top of your Mentor Group to:

  • Edit the name

  • Add an optional description

Access settings for each person in the group

To access more settings for each person in your group, you can select the dots beside their name. This will give you the option to message them, configure their membership, or remove them from the Mentor Group.

For members

For mentors

Configure membership will help you change their role in the group:

Change ability for staff members to Review

By default, Mentors and Group Admins are able to leave a Review (and award Points, if present) on each Member's Step Completions. But if you'd prefer a Mentor to only leave Feedback on completions — but not leave a final Review or Point Score — you can now toggle it off. To access this setting, select the additional actions icon (...) to the right of the Mentor's name and select "Configure membership." Toggling this to Off disables the ability for the Mentor to use the Review screen. In a group with multiple Mentors, you can use this feature to appoint one Mentor to leave a final review.


Q. How does a Mentor track progress and review work?

Once assigned to a Mentor Group, a Mentor's Home > People > Groups page provides access to any Group they are leading.

Here's an article from the Mentor's point of view, covering just what the Mentor can see and do.

Q. How does the weekly digest email work for Mentors?

A. We've created a weekly digest email with everything you need to know to keep your Group on track week to week. By default, the digest will be turned on for each Group you're directly managing or mentoring.

You can turn the Mentor Digest off or on for any Group where you're a Mentor or Group Admin by clicking Configure Membership.

The new Mentor Digest

The email digest includes:

  • Pending review: Every step that needs to be reviewed or graded along with how long it's been waiting. Use this to give timely feedback without letting anything slip through the cracks.

  • Progress last week: a snapshot of each group member's progress (or lack of progress) for every course path they've started. Use these snapshots to keep tabs on where learners are focused (or not focused), and intervene as necessary.

💡Tip: by hitting "reply all" on any digest email that you receive, you can send a private email to all the other mentors and/or group admins in your group when working with other mentors. Members will not be copied on the emails.

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