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How to track progress and review assignments in Mentor Groups (for Mentors)
How to track progress and review assignments in Mentor Groups (for Mentors)

Mentors track progress and review submissions for learners across all the courses they're taking.

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For Mentors

How to access your Groups

Once you've been assigned to a Group in the Mentor role, your Home page provides access to any Groups you are leading. Go to Home > People > Groups.

Your Mentor Groups will appear first, followed by any Cohorts you're teaching or moderating.

Manage Your Group

Select the name of your Group to open it and see everyone you're mentoring.

Once you've selected your Group, you can select each member to view more about their progress (see the overview below).

Additionally, you'll see an "Inbox" icon to the right of each member that jumps to everything the learner has submitted that you might want to discuss or share feedback on. A red dot next to the Inbox icon indicates that there's a Step that's Pending Review for that learner. (Note that only Reviewable Steps are marked as pending review — all others show up as Complete or Incomplete).

The "dots" icon also shows additional actions you can perform for each member (for instance, send a quick email message).

Start with people

Sometimes it's helpful to review learner's progress and work in context of a Path. And sometimes — like in a mentorship or coaching scenario — it's best to start with a person and then review the Paths.

In Pathwright, you can take either approach. To start with People, select the avatar of any person in your Mentor Group:

From here, you'll see their...

  • Paths: See a detailed overview of their progress in all the Paths they're in. (Tip: click on a Path to see which steps they've completed, not completed, skipped, and more).

  • Activity: Scan through their latest activity to get a sense of what they've been learning.

  • Review: See completed, incomplete, and — most importantly — pending review submissions from the Learner in the Inbox.

Let's take a look at Paths, Activity, and Review (Inbox) below.

Paths Overview

See progress across all Paths

Under Paths you can see all of the Paths that the learner is enrolled in and quickly see their progress in each one.

If you'd like to dig in further, you can click on a Path to see their report card and see where they left off in their learning. You can even click in further to send them a private message where they are stuck.

Add to Path

As a Mentor you also have the ability to add a new Path for one of your learners to start taking. For example, if a learner has just completed the onboarding Path, you can add the next Path for them that is part of their training.

Step 1: Select the "Add to path" button on their profile card.

Step 2: Choose the Path that's the next right fit for them. If you'd like, you can even add a personal message before clicking "Add to ___'s path."

As a mentor, you will be able to select the Paths that are publicly available and that you are a teacher for. If you'd like to add other private Paths, you can reach out to your account administrator.

Activity Overview

The Activity feature allows you to see what your learner has been working on and where they are making progress. You'll be able to see which Path they're focused on and when they are most active.

Review Overview:

When you click on Review, you'll see anything that a learner has completed that needs your feedback or review. You can sort the items under Review using the below drop down menu:

Clicking on an item under Review will open up the Inbox, which will enable you to review their work, discuss it with them and optionally provide a final review.

If you'd like to see more of their work, you can click the arrow on the top right to navigate to the next one.

Let's take a more in-depth look at the Inbox below.

Inbox Overview

The Inbox is a single place to quickly review, discuss, and (optionally) grade any work learners submit in any Path. Learners who are in your Groups and Cohorts show up in the Inbox.

You can access the Inbox by clicking on Review under a learner's profile card, or you can access your Mentor Group's inbox from the top navigation, as shown below.

Review submitted work in the Inbox

You'll find each Group's Inbox under the universal inbox at the top right hand corner of your screen:

When you open an Inbox, you'll see a list of all Step completions that are Pending review (these are Steps that learners in your Group have completed that are Reviewable, but haven't been reviewed yet.)

You can also change the view to show already reviewed, all completed, all uncompleted, or everything.

Additionally, you can select a person's name up to to filter completions to only one person.

Once you open a Step completion, you'll see what the learner submitted as well as three tabs:

  • Review tab — leave a review summary and manually assign a grade if points are available for the step and if this is enabled for your role.

  • Discuss tab — discuss the step privately with the learner and any other staff members with review access. (Learners may also initiate feedback discussion, and if they do, you'll be notified.)

  • Notes tab — view any staff-only notes that have been left on this step. Staff-only notes may be used to add a rubric or other grading guidelines.




Here's a quick walk-through of a mentor reviewing a PDF worksheet submitted by a learner that he mentors, starting from the Home > People page.

Keep track of who has responded

If you're working with multiple teachers or mentors, you can see at a glance who has already used the Discuss feature to share private feedback with a learner, as well as the total number of discussion replies.

To ask a fellow reviewer to respond, hover over the grouped reviewers list to pull up a tooltip listing all reviewers with their response counts. From there, tap the airplane icon to send an instant notification to your colleague asking them to respond:

This feature is also accessible from the Review tab of a Learner's Profile Card:

And from within a step completion when you hover over the grouped reviewers list:


Mentors will receive in-app notifications when someone they are mentoring completes a step that is set up to require manual review.

Notifications can also be received by email as part of a weekly email digest.

You will be able to access completions by clicking on any notification that you receive in-app or in your email digest.

Pro Tip: Subscribe to the Weekly Digest

If you're keeping tabs on multiple learners who are taking multiple paths, it can be sometimes be difficult to keep up. The weekly email digest can help by sharing a summary of all group progress and pending review items each week on Monday.

To turn it on, select the "dots" icon by your name and then click "Configure membership." You can turn the Mentor Digest off or on for any Group where you're a Mentor.

The weekly email digest includes:

  • Pending review: Every step that needs to be reviewed or graded along with how long it's been waiting. Use this to give timely feedback without letting anything slip through the cracks.

  • Progress last week: a snapshot of each group member's progress (or lack of progress) for every course path they've started. Use these snapshots to keep tabs on where learners are focused (or not focused), and intervene as necessary.

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