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How to access your Groups

Once you've been assigned to a Group in the Mentor role, your Home page provides access to any Groups you are leading. Go to Home > People > Groups.

Your Mentor Groups will appear first, followed by any Cohorts you're teaching or moderating.

Manage your Group

Select the name of your Group to open it and manage all your members. Select any member to see more, select the "review" icon to jump to everything that needs review for that member, or select the three dots to the right of a members to see additional actions such as sending an email.

You'll also have the option to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the weekly digest email for this Group.

The weekly email digest includes:

  • Pending review: Every step that needs to be reviewed or graded along with how long it's been waiting. Use this to give timely feedback without letting anything slip through the cracks.

  • Progress last week: a snapshot of each group member's progress (or lack of progress) for every course path they've started. Use these snapshots to keep tabs on where learners are focused (or not focused), and intervene as necessary.

The new Mentor Digest

Start with a person

You can also put "people first" by selecting the profile picture or avatar of anyone in any of your Groups or Cohorts. This will open the Profile Card for that particular person.

From here, you can...

  • use the "Paths" tab to see all the courses that the learner is taking.

  • use the "Activity" tab to see all their recent activity across all courses.

  • use the "Review" tab to see any items that require your attention.

To review any item, open the "Review" tab and then select the item you wish to review. If points are awarded for this step, you can manually enter a grade at the top. Below, leave feedback and upload files in the feedback discussion. Learners will be notified in-app and by email when you leave them feedback.


Mentors will receive in-app notifications when someone they are mentoring completes a step that is set up to require manual review.

Notifications can also be received by email as part of a weekly email digest.

You will be able to access completions by clicking on any notification that you receive in-app or in your email digest.

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