Open a cohort or course and select "Settings" at the top of the course Path directly under the name of the course. 

Select "Change access" and you'll see a couple of options. 

Group Name. If you have multiple cohorts, the cohort name will help you distinguish which cohort you are working in. If you only have one cohort per course, then this will likely be identical to the course name, which is just fine. 

Who can see and join this course? If you select Private, then you will need to invite learners and staff using a special invitation link. 

If you select Members, then only students and staff who have been invited to join a course or to sign up for the school using a special sign-up link will be able to see and join the cohort. 

If you select Public, then anyone who visits your school will be able to see and enroll in this cohort. Note: if you have not set a price on the cohort under Commerce settings, then anyone will be able to join for free. 

To learn more about inviting learners, see invite learners to take a course. 

Features. Use this area to describe the features and selling points of the cohort. This text is displayed on the "About" page of the course. See make a great course pitch to learn more. 

Availability. Restrict the enrollment and accessibility dates for this cohort. When the close date is reached, learners will lose all access to the course. 

Commerce. Set or edit the price of the course. You can also manage whether this cohort is included in a subscription plan if you have a plan in place. 

Delete. This will delete the cohort. Use with caution, as deleted cohorts cannot be restored from the interface. If you delete the cohort, any members in the cohort will lose access and you will not be able to view their progress and grades later on. Add an "Access closes" date under Availability to close the cohort without deleting it. 

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