Open or close a cohort
Add an access end date to close a Cohort and end learner access to the content or remove a date to reopen it.
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Add a close date 

  1. Open your Cohort and select the three dots (...) at the top of the course Path directly under the name of the course. This will open a menu with additional options.

  2. Select "Edit Cohort Settings" from the menu.

Under “Availability,” you'll see the option "Limit learner access." Toggle this button on.

Select the calendar icons to pick start and/or end dates for your cohort. Learners will only be able to access the course between these dates. Save your changes and exit.

Remove a close date

If you need to extend learner access to a Cohort, you can extend or remove the end date. Remove the end date to give learners unlimited access to review the course. 

Open the Cohort Settings. Under “Availability,” you'll see the option to "Limit learner access." You'll see the dates that were added earlier. Click the X beside the date to remove it, or select the date to choose a new end date. 

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