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Cross-cohort completion means that it's easy to transfer members between cohorts of the same course or Collection and keep all their assessments and course progress intact.

Until recently it was not possible to transfer a learner's or moderator's progress from one cohort to another, or from a course to a Collection including that course. Members would need to retake a course from scratch anytime this happened. Now, a learner's or moderator's progress WILL almost completely transfer from one cohort to another. Consider this in beta: it's not complete transfer at this point, but it will keep getting better as we move forward.

How it works

For steps using our newer "Blocks" based content, assessment answers and completion status will automatically port over to new cohorts. Discussions and feedback are tied to each cohort and will not be ported over. Personal Notes will not be ported over, but they can be downloaded to PDF before the learner is transferred.

Will transfer automatically:

  • Step completions and skips

  • Answers to quizzes added with Blocks

  • File submissions added with Blocks

  • Auto-assigned points

Will not transfer:

  • Discussion responses

  • Private feedback discussions with staff

  • Manually assigned points

  • Personal notes (these can be downloaded to PDF)

Transferring progress between cohorts of the same course

For example, if learner X completes a step/lesson in one cohort, and then you transfer him to another cohort in the same course that shares that step/lesson, the course will load all of learner X's previous work when he opens it.

Transferring progress between courses included in a Collection

If learner X completes a step/lesson in a course - or completes the entire course - then later enrolls in a Collection that includes the course, the course will load all of learner X's previous work when opened from the Collection Path. This also works vice-versa, for members moving from a Collection to individual courses.

How to transfer a learner

Invite the member to the new cohort, or use the "Add to Path" feature to add the member instantly. Learners can also enroll themselves in a new public cohort.

Note: progress will transfer automatically, provided that you do not permanently delete the previous enrollment. If you permanently delete the previous enrollment, then the progress will be deleted and cannot be transferred or restored. We'd recommend expiring the member's access to the old cohort instead.

The progress transfer will happen when the member first loads the course. If the member is being transferred to a new Collection, he will need to load each course within the Collection in order to load all progress throughout the Collection.

How to prevent progress from transferring

If you'd like someone to retake a course from scratch (for example, in an annual re-certification scenario), we'd advise that you make a copy of the course and have anyone retaking it join the new course. This will also allow you to make updates to the course each year without affecting past completions. Progress will not transfer between course copies.

If you remove each person from the course after they have completed it, this will permanently delete their progress and will delete records of the previous enrollments from your reports.

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