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Tips for setting up & supporting SSO
Tips for setting up & supporting SSO
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If you're on our Enterprise Plan, you have the option to implement SSO on your Pathwright account so your members can sign-in with a pre-existing username and password without needing to create a new one. To learn more about setting up SSO, check out Integrate SSO (Single Sign On) with your Pathwright account.

In this article, we'll share suggestions for how to prepare to setup and maintain SSO:

How to prepare for setting up SSO

As you prepare to integrate SSO with Pathwright, you'll need:

  1. An SSO provider that supports SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect.

  2. A technical person who's able to fully implement the SSO protocol with your system and independently test and debug it.

Your technical person should:

  1. Have administrator access to and a technical understanding of the software you use to manage your members' emails and passwords.ย 

  2. Have the technical ability to independently implement the instructions in our SSO Implementation Guide.

  3. Ideally, be able to set up a staging environment in which to test the SSO accounts.

Note: setting up SSO typically takes between 2-3 days but can be quicker or longer depending on your membership system.
A Pathwright technical guide will be available to help you with the initial setup by providing:

  • Answers to questions related to the Pathwright side of the integration.

  • Verification that the integration is working before you launch it.

Prepare to maintain and support your SSO connection

After your technical person has SSO up and running, it should run smoothly. But there will likely be times when your implementation will need to be updated or when a member encounter errors signing in with your identity provider.

We recommend assigning a technical lead to handle any maintenance needs and troubleshoot issues with your SSO connection if they come up.

Since your SSO integration will be unique to your situation, Pathwright support is unable to diagnose issues specific to your identity provider.

To help you diagnose issues that come up, we provide technical error messages that appear to any of your members who encounter an SSO sign-in error. Here's an example of what a learner might see if there's an SSO error with your identity provider:

The technical error message will help your technical lead diagnose and correct any SSO issues arising from your unique integration.

What if the error is on the Pathwright side?

We have many thousands of people who sign into their Pathwright account using SSO each day, so chances are if there's an error on the Pathwright side we've already heard about it and are fixing it. That said, occasional issues do come up, and it's always helpful to hear about them.

So if you encounter a sign-in problem that you've ruled out as unique to your SSO integration, please let us know by reporting the issue.

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