A learner is a member of your school who is enrolled to take one or more courses. 

What is a learner? 

Learners have access to all the lessons and steps in any course in which they are enrolled, and can track their progress, submit work, participate in discussions, and take notes as they progress through your course.

Staff members will receive notifications when learners post to discussions or complete work and can leave feedback on completions. Staff can also track all a learner's progress through a course. 

How to invite someone to a course as a learner

  • First, view the Path you'd like to invite people to in "Teach" mode. 

  • Now, select the "Invite" button from the top of the Path.

  • Enter the email address of each person you wish to invite. To invite many people at once, just add multiple emails with commas in between them. Invite up to 50 people at a time this way. 

  • Choose the role you'd like the people you're inviting to have (defaults to Learner). 

  • Optionally, add a personal message (recommended). Now, just hit the "Send Invites" button. Your people will receive their invitation in their inbox in moments.

See more ways to invite here. 

Change a learner's enrollment

Switch to another role

  1. Go to "View Learners" within the course. 

  2. Next to the learner's name, select the "More actions" icon that looks like a vertical ellipsis. 

  3. Select "Configure registration."

  4. Now select the desired role and save. That's it! 

Remove from the course permanently

To remove a learner from a course permanently, deleting all data, go to "View Learners." Use the "Remove from cohort" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a learner's name) to remove a particular learner. 

Once an individual is removed from a course, all enrollment information and progress is permanently deleted. Users can re-enroll in the course but any previous work in that course will need to be done over again. Enrollments in other courses are not affected. 

Expire access

To remove a learner's access to a course temporarily or after a set date, go to "View Learners." Use the "Configure registration" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a learner's name) to set an expiration date on the learner's access to just this course. 

The learner will see the course marked as "Access expired" on their home page. You can restore access anytime by removing the expiration date. 

Access email address

To email an learner or capture their email address, open "View Learners" and you'll find the learner's email address under additional actions on the right. Click or tap on the email address to send an email to that individual. Right click or hold to copy the email address.

See an overview of all Pathwright member roles here. 

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