There are two locations where you will encounter Publish buttons. One is on the Path and controls all path-related updates, and one is inside each step and allows you to publish that step's content independently of all other changes. Since these two are mutually exclusive, make sure you know how to use both of them. 

Editing the Path

You can edit your course anytime. When you make an edit on your Path, for example, adding, deleting, moving, or renaming steps and lessons or their settings, your changes are unpublished until you click the "Publish" button in the upper right corner of the Path. Publishing your changes makes them visible to any non-staff members who have access to the course.

The Publish button will flag the number of unpublished changes so you know when you need to publish. Any steps that are affected by recent Path changes will be marked on the Path as "unpublished." 

Publish all your content before launching your course. If you add new steps or edit the Path after you have learners enrolled, they will not receive the updates until you publish them. 

Editing Steps 

In courses using Blocks, you can now publish changes to step content to one step at a time by clicking the Publish button in the upper right corner of the step. 

Be sure to publish the content inside each step individually. Steps with unpublished content are flagged inside the step itself, not on the Path. 

Note: in our legacy content, the "Save and Publish" button publishes content instantly when you save your changes. In the newer Blocks, by contrast, content saves automatically, and you can choose when to publish it using the "Publish" button. 

What publishing means

Publishing content means that anyone who already has access to the course can now see the new content. 

Once published, the content cannot be unpublished, but can be edited or deleted. 

Publishing content does not make the course public. Publishing only shares new content with anyone who already has access. See how to control who has access to your courses. 

If you don't want learners to see content until after a certain date, you can schedule and lock content with future start dates. See how to schedule your cohorts here.

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