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Troubleshooting upload issues (for learners)
Troubleshooting upload issues (for learners)

What to do if you can't upload a file.

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For learners 

Many courses require you to upload a file as part of an assignment. Having trouble submitting a file? Here are a couple things you can try: 

  1. Disable pop-up blockers. When uploading a file, we'll pop up a dialogue to allow you to select the file from your computer or other location. If you're blocking pop-ups on your browser, disable that for the site or disable temporarily. Check under your browser settings to see if you have an ad blocker, tracking blocker, anti-virus plug-in, or pop-up blocker and try disabling it for the site. Have you blocked "cookies" for the site? Unblock them.

  2. Check the size of the file you are uploading. We allow image, audio, and text files up to 100MB, and video files up to 500MB. Do you have a file that is too large? There are instructions for compressing a video for different devices and file types online that you can find with a Google search.

  3. Refresh the page. There is a security feature that can cause the file manager to "time out" after you have it open for several minutes. Clear your browser cache. Refresh your browser and try again immediately.

  4. Don't see an option to upload a file? If you're on a mobile device, try uploading from a laptop or desktop instead. 

  5. Try an alternate internet source. Your network may have a firewall that is blocking the site. If the issue seems to be related to a school or workplace internet source, talk with your IT department and try to have the issue resolved by whitelisting and all subprocessors.

How to get more help

If you've tried the steps above, and it's still not working, click the "Need Help" link on the menu within your account to request more technical help. Here's the information to share on your school's support line:

  1. The email address you use to log in.

  2. The URL or web address of the step where you are trying to upload the file. This can be copied from the web address bar of your browser while viewing the step, and pasted into your message.

  3. What type of file are you trying to upload?

  4. Where are you uploading it from? (Your device, Google Drive, etc.)

  5. How large is the file?

  6. What device and browser version are you using?

  7. Do you receive any error messages when you attempt to upload your file, or what happens specifically?

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