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Learn, teach, design, and manage courses on any screen, including your phone
Learn, teach, design, and manage courses on any screen, including your phone

We've designed Pathwright with the mobile experience in mind.

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We design with mobile in mind. This means that every single screen, whether taking or teaching a course, fits on the screen in your pocket - or any screen. You can learn and teach, or even design and manage, from your phone or tablet.


Learners can purchase courses (or join for free), watch videos, complete assignments, participate in discussions and more, all from the convenience of the mobile browser (or any device). They don't need to download an app to have a good mobile experience, although we do also have an iOS app available in beta.

Pictured: the learner's Home page with all the courses they're taking


Teachers can view learner progress, review completed assignments and provide feedback, and even add new assignments on the fly, all from their phone, tablet, or any device.

Pictured: the teacher's Inbox where assignments are reviewed


Can you create an entire course on your phone? It has been done! Create or edit courses wherever works best for you.

Pictured: an editor creating an active learning step on a path


We haven't forgotten about you, account administrators. You can create new courses, update your branding images, invite members, assign courses to your members to take or teach, and much more, all from the device in your pocket, or any device.

Pictured: an administrator assigning a course to a learner's path


Q. Are there any actions that are not supported on mobile?

A. Users may be limited in what file types they can upload or read on their phones. This applies to files they post to the discussion forums and to files that designers attach within the step content for download.

Q. Is there anything I need to do to make sure my content works well on mobile?

A. Yes, in some cases, your design choices can affect how mobile-friendly your courses are.

  • Videos - when you embed a video from a third-party site by pasting in the URL, we automatically make your video responsive (we make sure that it will adjust automatically to any screen size). If you paste in your own embed code, you'll need to ensure that the code you're using is responsive.

  • Readings - when you write your text directly in Pathwright, we ensure that the text size adjusts automatically for any screen. If you embed your text in PDFs or images (not recommended) then we will be unable to automatically resize the text and it may be too small to read on some screens.

  • Embedded material - we cannot guarantee that all material embedded from a third-party app will work equally well on mobile as on a laptop or desktop.

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