Learning Tools

Built-in tools that help your Learners take their next step.

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At Pathwright, we design for the learner first. Our aim is to make Pathwright the easiest, most immersive way to learn anything for anyone.

Here are a few of the Learning Tools that each of your learners gets with Pathwright:

  • A dedicated Home Screen that helps them get to the next step in any of their Paths in just one tap or click.

  • A Personal Profile with an image, name, and optional bio information that they'd like to share with others.

  • A private, printable Notebook for taking personal notes about what they learn on any step and accessing them later.

  • Email notifications and optional digest for scheduled assignments, announcements, discussions, and more.

  • A Performance Report showing their progress, score (if applicable), and activity across all their Paths.

  • An Inbox for privately discussing Reviewable work with Mentors and Teachers

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