📍Annotated Image Block

Learners can interact with labeled points you've placed on an image.

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Make an image interactive by dropping points anywhere on the image that display text annotations when learners hover over or tap on the point. Consider using this Block for technical diagrams, highlighting features on a piece of artwork, maps, etc.

Sample Annotated Image: learner preview on the left and design mode on the right

How to add Annotated Images

  1. Create a new step on your course Path and open the step.

  2. Select "Interactive" then choose "Annotated Image." You've added a Block to your step!

  3. Select "Replace Image" and use the Media Manager to upload and insert your image.

  4. Add one or more points to your image and add a text annotation to each one.

  5. Optionally add more Blocks. When finished, hit Publish.


You can...

  • Upload image files in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

  • Drop as many points as you like and add brief text labels.

  • Reuse files in other steps once stored in the Media Manager.

  • Switch to other image formats if you decide not to annotate

Learners can...

  • Hover over or tap any point to read the text annotation


Q. What are the recommended file sizes and resolutions?
A. See the end of the Media Manager article here.

Q. Can I resize images?
A. You can crop an image before uploading or after uploading. If you've already uploaded the image, find the image in your Media Manager and select Details, then Edit Image. After editing, reinsert the edited image into the step. See more about using the Media Manager here.

Q. How do I move one of my annotations?
A. You'll need to delete the existing one and create a new one where you want it.

Q. Are images compressed or otherwise optimized for faster loading?
A. We do not compress images uploaded to image Blocks, but the following may happen to an image uploaded anywhere in the Blocks media manager:

  • We limit image dimensions to 2000 x 2000.

  • We limit image (storage) size to 100mb per image.

  • Certain block types (ex: image with text, etc.) will restrict image size based on their particular layout.

To summarize, we don't automatically compress your images, but we do have some limitations in place to optimize load time.

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