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Learners can start, resume, and complete their courses.

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Your Home screen organizes everything you’re learning in one place. 

You can access your Home screen under the Menu at the top left of the screen. This will also be the first screen you see when signing in.

Your Home page keeps track of all of the courses you’re taking. You'll see courses you're currently taking first, and any completed or expired courses below.

Use the Calendar feature to stay on top of your assignments. There is a search tool that comes in handy if you are taking a large number of courses and need to find one fast.

The Course Path

When you select a course from your Home page, or join a course from the Library, you’ll jump to the course path.


The course path includes everything you need to complete a course from start to finish. You can start taking a course by clicking on the “Start” button for the first section.

When you click "Start," you’ll jump into the first learning step of that lesson. 

Resume and Review

When you return to a lesson you previously started, you’ll see a "Resume" button in the place of "Start." This bookmarks your next step. 

Once you've completed a lesson, this button will be labeled "Review" so that you always have easy access to study-up on what you've already learned. 

You can review a completed lesson or step from the course Path anytime. 

From the Path, expand any lesson to view all the steps in that lesson. Select any step to open it. 

When you're inside a step, you're in "focus mode." To exit back to the Path, click the "back to Path" icon in the upper left corner. On mobile, you may see an X instead.

Tracking progress

Always click the "Complete Step" button at the bottom of each page to track your progress. Or, if the step is optional, you can just select "Skip it" without completing any of the activities on this step.

Reset any step

If you are permitted to retake a step, there will be an option to "Reset" after you have completed it. The reset button will appear below the "Complete step" button, which is now showing the link to the "Next" step.

If you're asked to submit files, you may need to reset a file submission at some point. See how to reset and resubmit a file submission here. 

Sign out

To sign out, click the arrow in the upper right corner next to your profile picture and select "Sign out" from this menu. 

If you are currently inside a step, exit the step by clicking the icon in the upper left corner. After exiting the step, you will see the sign-out menu in the upper right corner of the page. 

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