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πŸ“… Calendar: view your scheduled assignments and export calendar (new!)
πŸ“… Calendar: view your scheduled assignments and export calendar (new!)

Learners can view their assignments on a calendar in-app or export scheduled assignments to an external calendar.

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For learners

The Calendar tool on your Home page allows you to see a calendar view of all your upcoming assignments that have start and due dates.

Open the Calendar from your Home page, just above the list of courses you're taking.

With the Calendar open on your computer, you can view a month, week, and list view of all upcoming assignments. Select any assignment to open it.

On mobile, you can access the list view only.

Select the additional actions icon (...) in the upper right corner to subscribe with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Your device will use the default calendar tool on your device to open the subscription link.

If your device doesn't have a default calendar app that is compatible with the calendar subscription links, you can take the following steps to subscribe:

  1. Log into on the web browser.

  2. Pull up your calendar in Pathwright, for example,

  3. Open the subscribe options and click on Google Calendar.

  4. You'll be taken to Google Calendar on the browser and asked to confirm that you want to add this calendar. Confirm.

Once you're subscribed, the calendar will continue to sync and update if any changes are made to dates. You can see your past and upcoming scheduled assignments on your calendar. Items you've already completed will have a checkmark in front of the assignment name.

Calendar events cannot be edited or deleted. To hide all events, go to all calendars in your app and hide the shared calendar.

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