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How to get help (for learners)
How to get help (for learners)

Learners can get answers for their questions about content and help with technical issues.

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For learners

Get help with what you’re learning

If you have a question about anything you’re learning, the best way to get help is to ask a question.

If your course has discussions enabled, you can ask a question on any step by typing in the text box just below the step content. Use this to start a discussion with your teachers and classmates.

If there are teachers or moderators in the course, they’ll be notified. But even if there aren’t, other learners can see your question and provide helpful responses.

Email your moderator or teacher privately

If your course has teachers or moderators, you can send them a private email anytime. Click on the teacher's avatar at the top of the course then open the additional actions under the three dots (...).

Right-click the email address to email, or left-click to copy the email address. On mobile, tap to email or press and hold to copy the email address.

Be sure to use a private email for questions that you don't want to post for the entire class.

Start feedback

If you see a "Start feedback" link at the bottom of the step, you can click that to start a dialogue that is only visible to you and to staff. Type your message and send. You'll be notified by email and in-app notification if a staff member responds later on and you can also view the entire private dialogue there.

Resolve technical issues

If you have questions about how to do something with the learning software, the best way to get help for this is to select the Menu button and click on the “Need Help?” link.

"Need Help?" will display your school's support policy and contact information.

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