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Set a seat limit on a Cohort

Use a seat limit to determine how many people can join a particular Cohort.

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For administrators and editors

Use a seat limit on a Cohort to keep class sizes smaller and encourage personal interaction. Open a new Cohort when your first Cohort is filled. Or, use a private Cohort to sell a certain number of seats to an organization that wants to use your curriculum and then provide them with private invitation links to access the course for free. The seat limit will ensure that only the number of people that they've paid for can join as learners.

How to set a seat limit

  1. Open your Cohort and select the three dots (...) at the top of the course Path directly under the name of the course. This will open a menu with additional options.

  2. Select "Configure Cohort" from the menu.

  3. Select “Availability.” 

  4. Change seat limit from “Unlimited” to “Close registration after ____ join” and enter a number. Save your changes and exit the Cohort Settings.


Does the seat limit apply to only learners, or to other roles as well?

The seat limit only applies to learners. Moderators, teachers, and observers do not count towards the seat limit.

Which roles have permission to edit the seat limit?

Account administrators, library editors, and course editors can edit the cohort settings, including the seat limit. Teachers and moderators do not have permission to edit the seat limit.

Can I remove people from the cohort by adding a seat limit?

The seat limit can be updated at any time, but it will only prevent additional people from enrolling once the seat limit is reached. Reducing the seat limit will not remove anyone from the cohort who is currently enrolled. Here's how to remove people from a cohort.

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