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Remove a member from a course or cohort

How to suspend or remove any member's enrollment in a particular cohort.

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Members may be enrolled in a course, or cohort taking a particular course, in any of the following roles: course editor, teacher, moderator, learner, or observer. 

Below, we'll cover how to expire access temporarily for a learner or observer, and how to permanently delete an enrollment for any member. 

Temporarily expire access

Expire a member's access to one cohort

You can expire access to a cohort for learners, observers, and moderators with an end date and later extend or remove the date to restore access. 

To remove access to a cohort without entirely deleting the enrollment, go to "View learner progress" under the Cohort Settings. Use the "Configure registration" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a member's name) to set an expiration date on the member's access to just this cohort. 

The member will see the cohort marked as "Access expired" on their Home page. You can restore access anytime by removing the expiration date.

Permanently delete an enrollment

Remove a learner or observer from a course permanently

To remove a learner or observer from a course permanently, deleting all data, go to "View Learners." Use the "Remove from cohort" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a member's name) to remove a particular member. 

Once an learner is removed from a course, all enrollment information and progress is permanently deleted. 

Learners and observers will be permitted to re-enroll in the course in the same role or a different role. Any previous work done in the course will need to be repeated. Enrollments in other courses are not affected. 

Remove a moderator or teacher from a cohort

To remove a moderator or teacher from a cohort...

  1. Open the cohort to the Path.

  2. Hover with your cursor over the staff member's avatar where it's listed at the top of the Path, or tap on the picture. Select the three dots (...) for additional actions.

  3. Select "remove from cohort."

Unless the moderator or teacher also has access to the course via an admin or editor role, they will lose all access to the cohort at this point.

Remove a course editor from a course

To remove a course editor...

  1. Open the Course Settings. 

  2. Select "Editors." 

  3. Select the additional actions icon to the right of the user, select "Remove editor," and confirm.  

Remove a member's access to your Pathwright account

Need to remove someone's access to your entire account? See how to remove or restore access to your account.

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