Pay your teachers

Provide payment to teachers who are working alongside you in your Pathwright account.

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If you have teachers or moderators that need to be paid for their work, you will manage this yourself, since you have full access to and control of the learner payments that come into your Stripe account. 

When someone purchases a course through your Library, that payment will go directly to the one Stripe account that you have set up for your school. You will be able to collect the full payment for the course, and you can then separately pay the other teachers. 

If your payment is based on registrations, you can decide to do this as soon as the registration happens. Contact us and ask us to turn on email notifications from Pathwright each time someone enrolls. Or, you can arrange to pay them at another set time.

Download the Registrations Report to see how many learners enrolled in a Cohort, so you can pay the teacher accordingly. You can also go directly to the Cohort to see how many learners are enrolled.

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