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Accept payment outside of Pathwright
Accept payment outside of Pathwright

Learn how to accept payment for courses if you can't use Stripe.

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Most Pathwright accounts use a linked Stripe account to accept payments. You may not be able to use Stripe in your country or you may prefer to use another means of accepting payment some or all of the time.  

You can check the list of supported countries here:

Sell courses entirely outside Pathwright

To sell courses without a linked Stripe account, you'll need to use the following setup. 

1. Collect payment outside of Pathwright using the means of your choice. This may be cash, check, PayPal, or an external sales page using one of a variety of ecommerce tools.

2. Invite your prepaid students to join a free private course, using the private invitation link. 

Note: on the Essentials Plan and above, sending the invitation by email may be automated with Zapier. 

When students receive the link, they will be prompted to create an account or log in, and then they will be instantly enrolled in the course you invited them to. 

Note: as our school subscription plans depend on Stripe, we are not able to support subscription plans for schools that exclusively use an alternate payment method. 

Sell courses outside of Pathwright as alternative

It's possible that you use Stripe for most payments, but occasionally accept payment by other means. That's fine too. 

For courses that are public and have a price listed, you will need to supply the pre-paid learner with a discount code for free access (must be administrator). Learn more here. 

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