Instructions for learners

How to subscribe

  1. Select the “Subscribe” button on your school's main menu. When you select the Subscribe button, the first step is to choose a subscription plan. 
  2. Second, you will sign in with your current account or create a new account if you don't have one yet. 
  3. On the third step, you will enter your payment information and select“Purchase Now.”

How to subscribe with a code 

  1. Select the course you want to take and the select the "Take course" button. Alternately, select "Subscribe" from the menu. 
  2. First, choose a subscription plan (this will typically be a monthly plan). 
  3. Second, sign in with your current account or create an account if necessary. 
  4. On the third and final step, you will see a link that says “Have a gift or discount code?” Select this link and you will be given a text field to enter your code. Make sure to enter the code correctly and do not add any spaces. Hit “Apply.” If further payment is required, you'll be prompted to enter credit card information. If not, you'll be able to complete the subscription process after this step. 


  • If you are currently on a paid subscription and wish to use a discount code, you will need to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe using your code. 
  • Make sure to enter codes correctly and do not add any spaces. Consider whether a character might be a letter O or a number 0 or whether it's a letter I or number 1. Copy and paste the code if possible. 
  • After subscribing, you will need to choose something to learn. Go to “Library” on the menu to get started or contact your school admin to see what you should study first. 
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