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A certificate of completion will give your learners tangible documentation of their achievement. Even if you are offering personal enrichment courses that don't have an official certifying agency behind them, a certificate of completion can be an effective incentive for your learners to stick it out to the end and finish.

How it works

When a learner completes a Pathwright course, they will see a completion screen pop up after the final step is marked complete. This screen can also be viewed later via the "Share Achievement" button at the top of the course "About" page.Ā 

By default, the completion screen is just a way to show that learners have completed the course and it prompts them to share that with their friends by email or social media.Ā 

We can also create a PDF certificate that will automatically generate for each learner upon course completion and can be downloaded from the completion screen. Below is a mock-up example of the certificate we offer.Ā 

Here's what is included:

  • All certificates include the name of the course and the name of the student and have the date of completion dynamically rendered on the certificate.

  • The learner can instantly download a PDF of any certificate upon completion and print it from their computer.

  • Our certificate template includes your logo and a border color that matches your brand, and the names and signatures of one to two school admins are included.

  • The certificate design that we set up applies to any course that you want to include, so you only set it up once.Ā 

A few lines of custom text can be added if your agency requires it. Please include this with your request below.

Request your certificate setup

We may require that you activate your school, upgrade your plan, or have at least one course ready for launch before we set up a certificate. Please give the team at least one full week of lead time for a certificate request.Ā 

If youā€™re interested in a printable certificate for your course, contact us atĀ 

We will need to collect the following:Ā 

  • One or two school administrator names, titles, and signatures.

  • Please provide signature files that are at least 600px wide. If you don't have a digital signature file, you can sign in black ink on white paper and take a clear photo. Send that to us as a .jpg, .png, or .pdf file.

  • Your school logo in one of the following formats:
    Option 1: Vector format (.eps or .ai).
    Option 2: Hi-res with no background (.png at least 600px on smallest side).

  • If you have more than one course, let us know if you want the certificate added to all courses or select courses. You'll be able to adjust these settings later.Ā 

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