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Create your own course (for licensees)
Create your own course (for licensees)

Create a new course to offer your own content to your learners, just like a course from your Library.

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In order to offer a new course to your learning community, you'll need to select the option to either teach an existing course, or create a new course. Here, we'll look at the steps for creating a new course. Use this option to develop your own course content from scratch. You can create new courses anytime, but you'll need to activate with a paid Pathwright plan in order to start offering a custom course.

Create a new course

Go to your Home page. The Teach tab on your Home page will list specific Cohorts that you are teaching and you can also use the Teach tab to create new Courses and Cohorts that you'll personally teach.

  1. Go to your Teach tab on your Home page and select the "New Cohort" button in the upper right corner.

  2. Click into the first text box and type in a Course name to create a new Course.

  3. In the lower text box, enter the name you would like to give your Cohort and click the "Create" button.

Here are those steps again:

Select "New Cohort."

Type your Course name into the first text box. Type a name for your first Cohort into the second text box. Select the "Create" button to finish creating your Course.

The Cohort for your new Course will be listed on your Teach tab. Select the Cohort. Your Cohort will open on the Path tab, where you will begin to build a learning path for your learners. We refer to the content portion of a Course as a "Path."

Add content


Follow the prompt on this page to create a lesson. Give your lesson a title. You can also describe in a sentence or phrase what your lesson is about. 


Follow the new prompt that appears below your lesson title to add a step. You will select the action you want your students to perform and enter a name for this action. Select “Add Step” when finished. 

Each Step type will give you some different options for adding content, so you may want to experiment with the different Step types. You will be able to edit, reorder, and delete Lessons and Steps later on. A typical Lesson might include a Watch step with a video, a Read step with some written content, a Take step with a quiz or test, and a To-Do step with a discussion or other assignment. 


You may also want to add some section dividers between Lessons. To add a divider, hover just above your Lesson and select the plus icon. Select “Add a divider.” Some examples of a divider might be “Module 1,” “Week One,” or “Romantic Poets.” Select “Create a divider” when finished. You will be able to edit, reorder, and delete these later on.


Continue adding Lessons, Steps, and Dividers until you have finished mapping out your course, or begin adding content to the Steps as you go. To add content to a Step, select it. Any Steps without content will be flagged as "Needs content." You'll be required to add content to each step that you include. Publish your edits as you finish creating steps. Published content will be visible to anyone with access to the course.


You can easily drag-and-drop steps to reorder them within a lesson. You can also drag steps into a different lesson or drag entire lessons or topics to reorder them. Just hover over the step or lesson and click and hold the arrow icon to grab the piece you want to move. 


When you have finished adding content, click the "Sync" button at the top of the Path to make your changes to visible to learners who are enrolled in the class. You'll see a red bubble appear by the Sync button any time you make changes that need to be released to learners. 

Edit Course and Cohort settings

You can edit the course details by opening the gear icon for “Course Settings" from the top of the Path.

You can control the visibility of your course in the "Cohort Settings." Access the Cohort Settings from the drop down menu just below the name of the course at the top of the Path.

If you select Private under the Cohort Settings, only people you invite can join by clicking the invitation link you send them. If you choose Members, anyone with access to your Library can enroll themselves. 

For more help, see the general category "How to make a course."

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