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How to upgrade your Stripe Connection
How to upgrade your Stripe Connection

A guide to updating your Stripe Connection to automatically recycle.

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If your Pathwright school is connected to Stripe and you see an "Upgrade your Stripe Connection" alert, then we recommend you follow these steps right away (it'll only take a couple of minutes).

Here's how to reconnect your account:

Link with "Upgrade your Stripe Connection"

2) Read the instructions carefully and click the "Upgrade your Stripe Connection" button.

3) Now, you'll be redirected to Stripe to reconnect your account.

πŸ’‘ Important Tip: If you haven't signed in to Stripe recently, you may see a form for creating a new Stripe account instead of reconnecting your current one.
​Be careful not to create a new account or fill out a form. Instead, click on the small "Sign in" link to sign-in to the Stripe account you'd previously connected to your Pathwright school.

4) Once you've followed the instructions on Stripe, you'll be redirected back to Pathwright with your Stripe account connected.

All done! Now, your Stripe connection will be able to rotate secure keys automatically in case you need to do so without having to reconnect anything on the Pathwright side.

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