Pathwright provides you with online "super powers" to help take the busywork out of teaching. Use the learner manager to find learner data quickly. 

How to manage your learners

From the course Path, open the learner manager by selecting "View learners" from the Settings menu or from the View Learners button on the right. 

When you open that up, you'll be able to view all learners or use the search and filter features at the top to narrow your results. 

You can search by name or by email address. 

You can filter search results by Progress, Activity, Joined, Score. Progress is the percentage of steps they have completed. Activity is the last time the learner logged into the course. Joined is when the learner joined the group. Score is number of points earned. You can reverse the filters (new-old, high-low) by hitting the double arrow icon to the right of the search bar. 


Select a learner's email address under additional actions (looks like a vertical ellipsis) on the right to send an email to that individual. Click to send an email from your default email server. Right click to copy the email address. 


Use the "Remove from group" option under additional actions to remove a learner from a group. Once an individual is removed, he cannot be restored or re-enrolled in that group in any role. Contact support if you need help restoring or re-enrolling an individual who has been removed from a group. 


Invite additional learners using the Invite button in the upper right corner. See more under Invite learners to take a course. 

Download Reports

The additional actions icon beside the Invite button will open downloadable reports with learner information.

Learn more about all reports here.

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