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Take attendance for a face-to-face meeting
Take attendance for a face-to-face meeting

Incorporate face-to-face aspects of your teaching into your course.

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One way to use the Attend step in your course is to take attendance for a live session conducted entirely offline. Here's how. 

Use an Attend step to take attendance

  1. Add an Attend step to your Path and give it a descriptive title. Select the step to add content.

  2. In a text Block, list instructions for completion. For example, ask the learner to click "Complete" if he attended and click "Skip it" if he did not. You can make the step optional in order to allow learners to select "Skip it." 

  3. Optionally, you can upload a recording of the session and attach handouts for anyone who missed in the Files Block. 

You can see who completed and who skipped an Attend step under the Review screen for that step. Make sure the filter is showing "Everything."

Need to incorporate a live video session into your course? This is another great way to use an Attend step. Learn more about creating a live session here. 

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