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Upload your files for learners to download and save.

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Upload a PDF handout, an editable activity sheet in Word, or another file, and learners can download and save it. The Files Block will create an instant download button link for your file anywhere on the step, similar to an email attachment.

Sample Files: learner preview mode on the left and design mode on the right

When should I use the Files Block?

Use the Files Block when....

  • You want learners to download and save a file to their device so they can edit and re-upload or keep the file for reference.

  • You don't need to embed the file in the step.

Use another Block when...

How to upload a file attachment

  1. Create a new step on your course Path and open the step.

  2. Select "Media," then "Files." You've added a Block to your step!

  3. Select "Add Attachment" and use the Media Manager to insert your file. (You'll select "Upload," locate and upload the file from your device or the web, then insert the uploaded file using the + icon on the file thumbnail.) 

  4. Optionally add more Blocks. When finished, hit Publish.


Admins can...

  • Upload files in the following formats: PDF, Word, PPT, MP4, MP3, JPEG, PNG, etc. (up to 100MB)

  • Reuse files in other steps once stored in the Media Manager.

  • Upload multiple files at once (new!)

  • Remove any file by hovering over it and clicking the x.

Learners can...

  • Download files to their device

  • Preview supported files before downloading. Previews pop up in the same window, and are supported for images, PPT, and text files. Previews are not supported for video or audio files.


Q. Can I use the Files Block to link to something on the web?

A. No, this is just for uploading files that are stored in the Media Manager. To add a hyperlink, add any Text Block, then...

  1. Enter your text.

  2. Highlight your text and click the hyperlink button in the editor bar.

  3. Paste in your link and hit Enter.

Q. I don't like the file name that is displayed. What should I do?

A. To save a new file name, open the Media Manager, hover over the file, and select "Details." Edit the file name and save. The file can be reinserted to instantly update the displayed name.

Q. Can I embed my PDF instead?

A. Yes; however, we would generally recommend adding PDFs as attached files or else entering the text and images from your PDF using other Blocks rather than embedding the PDF into your step. Embedded PDFs are not web-responsive and can be difficult to read on mobile devices. To embed PDFs, you will need to use the Embed Anything Block and host your file using a third-party service that provides an embed code, such as Scribd.

Q. How can learners preview the files without downloading?

A. Attached files that can be previewed will pop-up in the same window when clicked or tapped anywhere on the attachment other than on the download icon. Previews are supported for images, PPT, and text files. Previews are not supported for video or audio files.

If the preview is not working, allow pop-ups, or unblock Filestack (one of our sub-processors that processes files) on your ad-blocker or firewall.

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