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Integrate with Slack via Smallchat
Integrate with Slack via Smallchat

Integrate your Pathwright account with Slack via Smallchat to chat with members and visitors on your site.

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Ready to combine your Pathwright account with Slack and step up your superpowers? is a chat, voice, and video collaboration tool for your team. 

Smallchat is a plugin for Slack that embeds a chat interface on any site and allows you to chat with visitors or users on your site from a private channel within your Slack account. 

If you already use Slack, the Smallchat plugin can be used for free on the basic plan. If you don't use Slack yet, you will need an account with a paid plan to get started. 

How to connect Slack to Smallchat

  1. Log in to your Slack account. 

  2. Go to and log in with Slack. 

  3. Grant Smallchat permission to access Slack. 

  4. Create a private channel in Slack where your chat messages will come in and add the Smallchat app to the channel. 

How to install the chat in your Pathwright account

  1. From your Smallchat dashboard, copy the embed code. 

  2. You can add custom code under your Pathwright Dashboard > Account Settings. Make sure you paste your embed code from Smallchat into the "Inject code into the body" section. Save, and you're done!

The chat will appear in your Pathwright account and you can edit the appearance and settings from your Smallchat dashboard. Messages from the chat will come into your private channel in Slack and members or visitors on your site will see your responses in Slack come through the chat. 

For further help, see Smallchat's documentation here.

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