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Switch a member's role inside a course

Manage any user's enrollment permissions in a particular course.

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Need to promote a learner so they can moderate a course instead? Invited someone as a moderator when you really meant to give them teacher permissions? 

Now you can use the role switcher to edit any learner or moderator's role after they've joined a particular course.

Here's how... 

  1. Go to "View Learners" within the course. 

  2. Next to the learner's name, select the "More actions" icon that looks like a vertical ellipsis. 

  3. Select "Configure registration."

  4. Now select the desired role and save. That's it! 

Note: you can edit learners and moderators from the "View Learners" screen. Teachers cannot currently be demoted to moderator or learner. To change a teacher's permissions, remove them from the course and then reinvite them in the desired role. 

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