One frequently-asked question is how to keep learners motivated and how to provide check-points to make sure learners stay engaged. Here's the consolidated list all in one place for your convenience. Click the links to learn more. 

Encourage progress with scheduled cohorts

With the "multiple cohorts" feature, you can offer a scheduled cohort periodically, such as every month or quarter. Your learners would just need to join the next available class in order to take it on a schedule. Start dates and due dates will help learners stay on track by providing accountability via reminders.

Encourage progress with structure and check-ins

Alternately, you can set up a self-paced class in such a way as to encourage your learners to stay on a personal schedule: for example, title each module as a new "Week" and require regular personal check-ins via video chat or email.

Encourage progress with personal encouragement

You can see where any learner is at any time using the activity feed on the Dashboard or by using the View Learners screen within the course. If you see someone falling behind, you can personally email that learner to see if they need help. 

Encourage progress with discussions

Learners consistently rank well-managed discussions as the most rewarding part of the course. Refresh your community discussions with these tips. 

Encourage progress with points

Setting point values on steps can help motivate learners, enable you to see where they may be struggling, and can provide a simple way to make sure everyone passes required competencies. Learners will need to pass the minimum required grade on all required steps in order to earn a passing grade for the course. 

Encourage progress with a certificate of completion

Create an automatically generated certificate of completion that the learner can download and print to award their achievement. All required steps must be successfully completed to unlock the certificate.

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