Account overview for admins

Learn your way around your Pathwright account as an administrator.

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For account administrators

Take a 60-second tour of the primary places in your account. 


The Library is primarily learner-facing. If you make your courses "Public," anyone can discover and self-enroll in courses from your Library page. If you make courses "Members-only," anyone who is a member in your school can discover and self-enroll in courses from your Library page. If you keep all your courses private, and "Invite-only," then you won't really use the Library page, but you can still access all courses there as an admin.


The Home page is where any member can quickly access their courses. Learners will have a Learn tab that lists all the courses they are taking as learners. Teachers and moderators can access all the courses they are currently teaching from their Teach tab. Admins and editors can access the Source Path of any course from the Design tab.

The Teach tab includes all the Cohorts in which you are enrolled as a teacher or moderator.

The Design tab gives you one-click access to the Source Path of each Course. The Source Path is like the blueprint for your Course. You can use the Source Path to generate multiple offerings of your Course, called Cohorts, for learners to take together.


The Dashboard is accessible only to account administrators and it gives you a bird's-eye overview of activity in your account using the activity feed, along with quick access to all the other main areas of your account: your Home, Library, Community, and Account Settings.


Use the Menu in the upper left corner to quickly jump from one place to another. 

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