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➗KaTeX: Enter math equations

KaTeX provides rendering of mathematical expressions on any device.

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We've integrated support for math equations using KaTeX into our Blocks content builder. If you're not familiar with KaTeX, it's the math language used by Khan Academy, and you can learn more at Explore function support here. 

How to add KaTeX

KaTeX can be entered anywhere normal text is entered in content Blocks. You'll need to use forward slashes to escape characters.

All math strings used in Pathwright editors must be "delimited." See this video for an explanation (turn on audio).

Place your equation in between either set of delimiters:



Note that you don't see the rendered math until you hit Preview or enter Learner Preview mode in our Blocks builder. 

To summarize, here are the steps:

  1. Copy your equation from* or type it directly into Pathwright.

  2. Make sure you have a set of delimiters (see above) surrounding your equation.

  3. Use the Preview button in the step to see how the math code renders.

* We do not currently support macros, so copy the equation only, without any added macros.

KaTeX can continue to be entered in our legacy content builder, as well as in notes and discussions, with forward slashes to escape characters.

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