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Create generic links to Steps that work in any Cohort
Create generic links to Steps that work in any Cohort

A pro-tip for scenarios where it's helpful to link to a particular Step for members of many different Cohorts.

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This Pro Tip is useful when you...

  1. Are designing a Path that has (or will have) multiple active Cohorts.

  2. Want to include a hyperlink somewhere in the Path content that navigates a learner to a different Step in the Path than the one they're on (for example, a link to review a previous assessment or project, a link to an upcoming lesson, or a past event recording).

A standard link (e.g., the one you get from copying the URL in your browser) won't work in this case because each Cohort has a unique URL for every Step within it that is different than the URL for other Cohort Paths. Enter "generic links":

How to use a generic link

You can add links within your Path content that go to "the same" Step no matter which Cohort someone is in. A generic link looks different than a full URL:


Notice that:

  • The URL is relative, meaning it does not start with "https://" or your domain (e.g., the entire first part of a URL like "" is excluded)

  • The cohort ID is replaced with the "_" placeholder.

So to get a generic link, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the full URL of the Step you'd like to link to generically. For example, a full URL to a Step looks like this:

  2. Remove the first part of the URL (everything before "/library/..." Now, our example URL looks like this:

    • /library/intro-to-pathwright-17714/41428/path/step/274764410/
  3. Finally, replace the numeric ID after the Path title part of the URL and before "/path/" with an underscore ("_"). Now we have a generic link and our example URL looks like this:

    • /library/intro-to-pathwright-17714/_/path/step/274764410/

Now that we have a properly formatted generic link, you can paste it into the link field for any text you select within a Block or use it in the "Meeting Block" to create a button link back to the Step.


Important Note: Generic links only work within a Path. They currently do not work outside of a Path (for example, sending by email or in Slack).



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