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Premium Pathwright Subscriber Courses
Premium Pathwright Subscriber Courses
How to get personal feedback from the Pathwright team as you create your course as a Pathwright subscriber.
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In our experience, the hardest part of designing a high-impact online course has little to do with the software and more to do with the plan. Here are some difficulties we've seen educators wrestle with . . .

  • Designing a course path that meets learners just where they're at and takes them where they want to go.

  • Writing and filming engaging content (especially on a budget)

  • Making a compelling pitch for why your potential learners should join in the first place (especially if you're selling the course).

We can help you design your course 

We often say that Pathwright is an education company, not a technology company. That's because we want to help with more than the tech side of it all. 

"Our mission is to multiply the impact teachers have on the world."

The Pathwright platform helps educators save time by eliminating busy work. This frees up educators to spend more time on teaching with insights and tools to spread their teaching further while keeping it personal – all things that multiply the impact they already make.

But over the past four years, our Pathwright Education team has also been helping many thoughtful organizations and teachers design courses and even create and produce content. In this process, we've learned what works and have developed a course design process that creates higher-impact courses for new and experienced educators alike.

We've turned part of our design process into an online course, and we're currently offering the self-guided version for free to Pathwright Subscribers on any active plan. The guided version, with feedback from our team, is available with the Essentials Plan and above. 

Get access to the course

If you'd like to get free access with your Pathwright monthly subscription, just contact us and let us know your account information and we'll send you an invite link to the course. 

If you don't have an active subscription, just create a Pathwright account and then subscribe to any plan and we'll send you the free course access as well.

Want to preview the course first? Go to How to Design a Path. 

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