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How to use an incognito window on your browser
How to use an incognito window on your browser

Use incognito mode to view how your site looks while signed out or signed in as another user

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Your browser comes with a built-in super power that you may not have used before. Typically known as an "incognito" or "private" window, it is simply a way to open a new window of your favorite browser that starts a private browsing session. You won't be automatically logged into anything in an incognito window, which makes it ideal for previewing your site as it will be viewed by logged-out visitors, or to log into your account as a test user without logging out of your staff account. It's also useful for troubleshooting some technical issues.

When you close an incognito window, it ends the private browsing session and you'll be logged out of any sites that you logged into.

How to open an incognito browser window

Here's how to enter incognito mode on each of the browsers we support:



Here's how to use incognito mode in Safari...



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