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How can I improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
How can I improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Here's what you can do to increase your SEO ranking.

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We automatically make your public catalog SEO friendly when you offer courses available to the public (instead of by invitation only). For SEO, and promotion in general, there's not an easy or quick way to get on the front page of Google for your search terms, but there are some things you can do that we've seen work if done well over time. The primary goal for SEO ranking is to get people to link to your courses using the keywords you want to rank for. The higher traffic the website linking to you, the more authority Google and other search engines will give it.

Customize your search engine description

From the main menu in your account, open Settings > Add account information > Description. Use the field provided to enter a description of your school in less than 300 characters. This will be used in the meta description HTML tag indexed by web crawlers.

Improve your ranking

Here are two ideas to consider that we've seen work for SEO ranking and promotion in general: 

  1. Identify online forums or websites where people are trying to learn about your topic and let them know about your course. Perhaps even offer them a discount code in order to promote your course. 

  2. Find blogs or publications that are targeted at your audience and contact the author about your course to see if they'll write about it. Blog and magazine writers are looking for content that their audience will find valuable, so if you can make a good pitch to them, they'll write about you.

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