Once you have requested to have a custom certificate of completion created for your school,  and we've set that live, you can control which courses provide a certificate and which do not. 

Enable the certificate

To turn on the certificate for a new course...

  1. Open the "Course Settings.". You'll find these under a gear icon on the course cover in the Library, or in the upper right corner when you have the course open.

  2. Select "More Settings." 

  3. Toggle on the switch that asks "Award a certificate upon completion?" and save.


Your learners will see the option to view and download the certificate when they complete the last step, or they can find the link anytime under the "Share Achievement" button at the top of their completed course Path. 

Help for Learners

Need to help your learners with downloading their certificate? Here's an article from the learner's perspective with instructions for downloading your certificate.

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