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Restrict playback of your Vimeo Plus videos
Restrict playback of your Vimeo Plus videos

Use Vimeo Plus to privately embed your videos so only learners logged into your Pathwright account can view them.

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We recommend using Vimeo Plus for hosting your video. Vimeo will encode your video into a bunch of different bit rates and quality levels and give you a nice player to embed your video anywhere you'd like. They also have security settings that will let you restrict playback to your Pathwright school. Their pricing is extremely competitive, as well. 

Here's a quick overview of how to setup your Vimeo Plus account to embed video privately and securely in Pathwright. 

How to restrict playback to your Pathwright account

1. Open your video in the Manage Videos area of your Vimeo account.

2. Click the Settings option and then select Privacy in the settings menu.

  • For "Who can watch this video?" - select "Hide this video from"

  • For "Where can this video be embedded?" - select "Only on sites I choose" & type in or your custom domain, and also

💡 Tip: If you want to do the same thing for many videos at once, select all or multiple videos and then select "Privacy" and set the privacy restrictions for all the videos you selected at once. 

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