When you select a course from your Learn tab, or join a course from the Library, you’ll jump to the course path.

The course path includes everything you need to complete a course from start to finish. You can start taking a course by clicking on the “Start” button for the first section.

When you click "Start," you’ll jump into the first learning step of that lesson. 

If you decide to leave a lesson before you’re completely finished, you’ll see a "Resume" button in the place of "Start."

Once you've completed a lesson, this button will be labeled "Review" so that you always have easy access to study-up on what you've already learned.

Stay on Schedule

Not all courses are on a schedule, but if you’re taking one that is, here are a few things to know about staying on track.

If there are due dates, you’ll be notified automatically by email when steps that you haven't yet completed are due .

However, you can plan ahead by tapping on the “Show steps” link under each lesson. 

This expands the lesson to show each step and when it’s due:

Some steps may also have start dates. If a start date is set, you won’t be able to start that particular step until that day and time.

Make progress

Steps are the building blocks of a course. Each step has something for you to read, watch, listen to, take, or do. It's important to hit the "Complete Step" button once you’re finished with a step:

This ensures that your progress is saved and that any points are counted as you move through a course.

Depending on the course, some steps have something for you to do before you can hit “Complete Step.” For example:

  • A “Take” step requires you to answer all the questions before completing.
  • A “Submit” step will usually ask you to write or upload a file before you complete it.
  • A “To-do” step often has some special instructions (such as answering a discussion question).

Complete a course

Once you’ve completed a course, you’ll see a completion screen that looks something like this:

(Note: If the course is private, you won’t see the sharing options.)

Some courses have certificates of completion available to download and print. If the course you complete has a certificate, you can download it from screen.


Once you’ve completed your course, you can review it anytime by selecting it from your Learn tab on your home screen and setting the view to "Completed":

When viewing a completed course, you'll notice that each lesson is marked with a "Review" button. This button allows you to retake each step in that lesson. 

Or, you can expand a lesson to select an individual step to review. You can also "Reset" most steps in order to re-take them:

All your notes, assessment answers, and submissions remain in the course for you to see.

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