Have you ever crafted the perfect piece of content in a course and wanted to reuse that over again later in the course or in a new course? Now you can save time by copying any individual Block of content and pasting it as a new, editable Block anywhere that you can edit course content! Plus, any styles you've applied to your Block will carry over with your copy, so you can improve the visual continuity throughout your courses.

How to use copy & paste with Blocks

  1. Open the step that you'd like to copy from (and switch to "Design" mode if needed).

  2. Hover over the Block you'd like to copy and select the copy icon that appears in the top right corner of the Block. Where you typically see the "add" icon ("+") between the Blocks, you will now see the option to paste the Block you just copied.

  3. Locate where you'd like to paste the content and complete the action by selecting the paste icon. Congratulations! You've just copied & pasted your first block! ✨.

If you decide you don't want to use the Block you just copied, select the X icon to clear your clipboard. You'll be able to select a different Block to copy or add a new Block instead.

💡 Tip: You can easily copy & paste within the same step, between different steps in the same course, between different courses, or even between two different schools where you have editing permissions by opening two browser tabs at once and copying and pasting between them.

Here's what it looks like in action:

A few ideas for using copy & paste for Blocks

  • Reuse a quiz question on your final exam - without recreating it.

  • Mix quiz questions from multiple existing steps into a new quiz.

  • Create a "template course" that includes examples of the flow and formatting you use for your lessons and steps and Blocks across all courses. Then start new courses more quickly (and more consistently) by copying & pasting from your template.

  • You can also use copy and paste to reuse whole steps and lessons.

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