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Reset a step

Learners can reset steps to retake or submit an assignment.

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Your teacher may give you the opportunity to reset and retake certain steps. If you have permission to retake, here's how to reset your step. 

Reset quizzes

As you take a practice quiz, you will need to submit a response for every short answer or essay answer question. If you reach the "Complete step" button at the bottom of the screen and it's still locked, you may have missed a question. Finish answering all the questions, and then you'll be able to mark the step as complete.

If you are permitted to retake the quiz, there will be an option to "Reset" after you have marked the step as complete. The reset button will appear below the "Complete step" button, which will now show the "Next" step. 

Clicking "Reset" on a quiz will make each question editable but will keep any text you entered previously. You can now edit any question and click the "Complete Step" button again to overwrite your last attempt.

Warning: on some older courses, if you navigate away from the page or refresh the page, your work will be lost and you will need to reenter all responses. 

Reset submissions

Similarly, clicking "Reset" on a step that requires a file submission will allow you to remove previous file uploads and/or upload new files. Click the "Complete Step" button again when you are ready to submit your new files.

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