If you are a moderator in a course, but you also want to take and track progress in the course as a learner, you can switch from Teach mode to Learn mode using the Learn/Teach toggle in the upper left corner of the Path. 

During Learn mode, you'll be able to complete steps and lessons just like a student. Your grades will be recorded in the downloadable Grade Report (accessible from the "View learners" page). 

Admins, editors, and teachers

If you are an admin or editor and you want to track your progress through a course as a learner, or you're a teacher and you want to track progress in a cohort you are teaching, you will need to create a second account to serve as your learner account. 

  1. Copy the learner or moderator invitation link from the cohort you wish to join as a learner. 
  2. Sign out and paste the link into your browser. 
  3. When asked to sign in or sign up, choose to sign up with a new account using a different email address from the one you're currently using as an admin, editor, or teacher. You'll be enrolled as a learner or moderator. 
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