For moderators, teachers, editors, and admins

Learners will be able to track their progress and grades as they progress through their course by clicking or tapping the "Complete Step" button at the bottom of each page. Staff members' progress is not tracked when using Teach mode or Design mode to work on the course, since that's usually not a linear process. However, if you are not a learner, but you still want to track your personal progress through a course, you can do so.

If you are looking to view the course as a learner, but not track your personal progress, then see this article on Learner Preview Mode. Otherwise, see the relevant instructions below.


If you are a moderator in a course, but you also want to take and track progress in the course as a learner, you can switch from Teach mode to Learn mode using the Learn/Teach toggle in the upper left corner of the Path. 

During Learn mode, you'll be able to complete steps and lessons just like a student. Your grades will be recorded in the downloadable Grade Report (accessible from the "View learners" page). 


If you're a teacher and you want to track your progress in the same cohort that you are teaching, you will need to create a second account to serve as your learner account. We don't currently support two learner/moderator/teacher enrollments in the same cohort under the same account.

To take with a different account...

  1. Copy the learner invitation link from the cohort you wish to join as a learner.

  2. Sign out, then paste the link into your browser.

  3. When asked to sign in or sign up, choose to sign up with a new account using a different email address from the one you're currently using. This will be your learner account.

Admins and editors

If you are an admin or editor and you want to track your progress through a course as a learner, you can use the instructions above for creating a separate learner account, or you can now also enroll as a learner under the same account. You'll have a three-way toggle when viewing the course for switching between Design mode, Teach mode, and Learn mode. Your progress will be tracked when you're using Learn mode.

To take with your current account...

  1. Copy the learner invitation link from the cohort you wish to join as a learner.

  2. Paste the link into your browser without signing out.

  3. You'll be instantly enrolled as a learner and Learn mode will be added to your view of the path.

Enrolling as a learner will block you from enrolling in the same cohort as a moderator or teacher, so if that will be an issue, consider enrolling as a moderator instead (this gives you a Learn mode, plus lists you as the cohort moderator), or using a different login for tracking your learner progress.

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