Instructions for admins, editors, teachers, and moderators

You can add a Note to any Lesson or Step. 

There are three types of Notes that members can create with different levels of visibility. 

Personal Notes

Learners, Moderators, Teachers, Editors, and Admins can all add personal notes to a lesson or step. This option will say "only you can see this note." Only the individual who added the note can view it. 

Learners can use these for taking notes on the class. They will be able to save their notes as a PDF or print out a copy of all their notes. 

Teaching staff and admins may use personal Notes for leaving themselves private notes about the course material. 

Staff-only Notes

Mentors, Moderators, Teachers, Editors, and Admins can add and view "All Staff" notes. This option will say "course builders, teachers, and moderators can see this note (hidden from learners)." 

Teaching staff and admins can use these notes to discuss teaching tips, share more information about a topic, or post items to consider revising. 

Staff notes are now linked into the Review screen, so when a moderator, teacher, or other staff member is reviewing completed work, they can see grading guidelines or rubrics that you've placed into a staff note on that step. 

Notes for Everyone

Moderators, Teachers, Editors, and Admins can add and view notes for "Everyone." This option will say "all users, including learners, can see this note."

Teaching staff and admins can use these notes to provide extra information to learners. Consider adding a glossary or links to extra materials here. It would be a good idea to tell learners during the flow of the course where to find the Notes and what you're using them for. 

To add a new note, click on the All Notes icon at the top right side of the Path or the Notes icon on any Step. You can choose to associate a new Note with a Lesson or with a Step. Notes will be visible under the Lesson or Step and under All Notes. 

When you have added notes, users will see an indicator number by their Notes icon. 

They can click the icon to view your notes and their own. 

The Notes feature is not designed to be used in place of the discussions and no one is notified when a new Note is posted. Use the discussions or email for carrying on a conversation or making announcements. 

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