Each course can have one or more Cohorts. For example, if Creative Writing 101 is your course name, the three Cohorts might be named Spring Semester, Fall Semester, and Summer Session.

Edit the course name

Open the "Course Settings" on any existing course. You'll find these under a gear icon on the course cover in the Library, or in the upper right corner when you have the course open.

With the Course Settings open, you will see the “Course Name” field at the top. Edit or enter your new course name here. Save your changes and exit Course Settings.

Edit the name of a particular Cohort taking the course

  1. Open your Cohort and select the three dots (...) at the top of the course Path directly under the name of the course. This will open a menu with additional options.

  2. Select "Edit Cohort Settings" from the menu.

You will see the “Cohort Name” field at the top. Edit the cohort name here. Save your changes and exit.

💡Tip: Your first cohort will automatically have the same name as the course, but if you offer multiple Cohorts, you will want to name each Cohort uniquely so you, your staff, and learners know when you are in the correct Cohort. 

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