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Can I "drip" content?

Discover some ways to encourage long-term, paced progress.

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Pathwright includes a powerful Scheduler with Custom Reminders feature that helps you pace your learners through a Course path.

The Scheduler currently supports specific dates (e.g., July 13th, 2021). It doesn't currently support relative dates (e.g., 5 days and 2 hrs after the learner registers), but that feature is on our Roadmap.

In the meantime, here are other ways to encourage paced progress:

Encourage progress with scheduled cohorts

On the Complete Plan and above, you can publish as many Cohorts as you like once you build the Source Path. So, you could offer a scheduled cohort periodically, such as every month or quarter. Your students would just need to join the next available class in order to take it on a schedule. You can restrict access to individual lessons and steps with start dates. 

Encourage progress with structure and check-ins

Alternately, you can set up a self-paced class in such a way as to encourage your learners to stay on a personal schedule: for example, title each module as a new "Week" and require regular personal check-ins via video chat or email.

Encourage progress with personal encouragement

You can see where any learner is at any time using the activity feed on the Dashboard or by using the View Learners screen within the course. If you see someone falling behind, you can personally email that learner to see if they need help. 

Release content periodically

One way to release content periodically is by setting password locks on steps. If you wanted to do something similar to a drip-feed, you could manually send out a new password periodically to control access to content that way. You can publish new material as you go with learners enrolled in the course, but we'd recommend building out the full course structure and locking future steps so that learners can see that they have unfinished content ahead of them. 

Learners don't automatically receive notifications when new content is published or unlocked, so you may want to manually send the class a message when this happens. 

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