How will you back up my content?

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Pathwright is a web-based platform, so you won't need to download or update any software; we host everything in the cloud. 

We have all Pathwright content backed up on Amazon's servers, which scale based on usage. Amazon uses more than one server to back up your school, and they store our data in several facilities and on multiple devices in each facility. By doing this, they provide 400 times the durability of a typical disk drive. 

We run backups daily. 

However, please note that Pathwright does not have version control and we cannot retrieve unsaved or overwritten content. 

If you'd like to back up your course content, you are able to make your own backups by copy/pasting your content and saving it outside of Pathwright. 

You can also make duplicates of your courses for extra redundancy. See how to copy a course.

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