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Is Pathwright a course marketplace?
Is Pathwright a course marketplace?

Understand how Pathwright differs from companies like Udemy or Skillshare.

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Great question, we're glad you asked. From a big picture perspective, it's important to note that as an educator, you are not Udemy or Skillshare's customer โ€“ you're their inventory. Their customers are your learners.ย 

At Pathwright you, the educator, are our customer. And your learners are your customers, not ours.

We've built Pathwright this way because one of our core beliefs is that we help educators most when we strengthen the relationships between them and their learners. So we come along side you but are careful not to get in the way.ย 

In fact, most of your learners won't even realize they're using a system called "Pathwright." That's because they're never asked to create a "Pathwright" account โ€“ instead they create an account with your school under your name and brand. We also never contact your learners or share your learners information with anyone else unless you specifically ask us to. We don't publish your course in a marketplace where your learners are solicited with alternatives from your competitors. Instead, we give you your own built-in Library where you can grow and profit from your own courses.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to build up an audience from scratch but we think it's worth it. Your learners form a relationship with you and come to trust your teaching style and curriculum without having to wade through courses of dubious quality levels on topics they don't care about. You get the vast majority of the profit and own the relationship with each member.

With Pathwright you own your school, your content, and the relationships with your learners. If you'd like a few examples of what that looks like, here are a few schools offering multiple courses powered by Pathwright:

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