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🎉Cohorts: Help everyone learn together again
🎉Cohorts: Help everyone learn together again

With Cohorts, offer multiple versions of each course with unique content, schedules, prices, and more – while keeping everything in-sync.

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The best educators may use a similar curriculum each time they teach a course, but they also make small improvements from year to year. The best version of your course is the one you're teaching now.

Pathwright’s one-of-a-kind "multiple cohorts" setup makes it easier than ever to iterate and improve your teaching, personalizing your courses for every Cohort you teach, and offering your course several different ways at once.

This tool also includes the unique "member-created cohorts" feature, which allows you to make your course available for anyone to teach to their own private group.

Below you can see how Paths and Cohorts work together (starting at 07:26):


Here are a few scenarios where multiple cohorts can come in handy:

  • Create a self-paced cohort for $49 and a guided, schedule-based Cohort with personal feedback from a teacher for $249.

  • Offer premium levels of a course with additional bonus content or more individualized instruction.

  • Offer a fall semester Cohort and a spring Cohort

  • Create a private Cohort for another teacher or organization to offer to their own learners at a custom price.

Add new Cohorts

Every plan includes at least 1 in-progress Cohort per Course, and multiple in-progress Cohorts per Course are available starting on the Essentials Plan.

As an administrator in an account, you will have a tab on your Home screen labeled Teach.

The Teach tab:

  • Enables you to create and manage new Cohorts.

  • Displays every in-progress Cohort that you're teaching and the completed Cohorts as well

  • Gives you one-click access to the Cohort's submissions, invitation link, and Cohort settings.

Once you’re ready to teach a course to a new Cohort, there are four simple steps:

  • From the Teach tab, select "New Cohort"

  • Choose which course you'd like to add a Cohort to and name the Cohort (ie. Pilot Group, Fall 2021, etc). Click "Create Cohort."

  • Configure your Cohort Settings however you’d like.

  • Invite teachers and moderators using the Invite button (or, if you’ve set the Cohort visibility to “Public,” simply share a link to your course page, so learners can self-register).

Repeat for as many Cohorts as you’d like to create.

How does the Design tab differ from your Teach tab?

The Teach tab:

  • Lists only the Cohorts you've joined as a teacher. 

  • Gives you one-click access to the Cohorts you're teaching. 

  • Automatically assigns you as the teacher when you create a new course. 

The Design tab:

  • Lists all the courses you've created (or been assigned to as a Course Editor), then all the courses created by others in the account if you have access to them.

  • Gives you one-click access to the Source Path of each course.

  • Allows you to quickly create new Courses that you will not be the one to teach.

Need to set yourself as the teacher in a Cohort? See make yourself the teacher of an existing course.

How to sync updates to multiple Cohorts at once

To make an update that is shared with every Cohort taking your course, simply make the updates to the Source Path and then use the Sync button to sync those updates with all the cohorts taking the course.

If you have the course opened to a Cohort, use the Course Settings menu at the top to switch to "Edit Source" before editing. 

Made edits in your Cohort that you'd like to move back to the Source Path? No problem. See more about Syncing your changes here.

How to personalize the path for a single cohort

To customize the path for a specific Cohort, open the Cohort to the Path and make any cohort-specific changes by...

  • adding new learning steps

  • deleting what's not needed for that specific Cohort

  • customizing the Cohort's schedule

  • adding the unique teacher and/or moderator for that Cohort

If you currently have the course opened to the Source Path, select the "Source Path" menu at the top to switch to a Cohort before editing.

A few tips for personalizing Cohorts:

  1. Changes made to the Cohort Path stay on the Cohort Path (new steps, step and lesson deletions, reordering, renaming, etc.).

  2. For steps that have been shared from the Source Path, changes made to the core content inside a step (Blocks) update that content everywhere it is used (both in the Source and in all Cohorts). 

  3.  If you need to customize the core step content (Blocks) on a shared step for just one Cohort, make a copy of the step and edit the copy. You can then delete the original shared step from that Cohort only.

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